Haft2 Brand Materials

As Art Director at Haft2, I conceived and designed a refreshed look and feel for the Haft2 brand - from a revised logo, to presentation materials and stationary, to a full redesign of the Haft2.com website and Haft2know.com blog.

The new brand look reflects a fresh style that represents the creative and artistic side of Haft2, while also maintaining credibility through a refined, professional presentation of the company's colour strategy and methodology.

Geometric shapes offer a modern splash of colour and creativity, while the careful use of accent colours throughout the site (and other brand pieces) give it a sense of credibility. Strength and energy comes from Haft2's bold font, Gotham Narrow (Proxima Nova online), and a serge of character and humanity comes from the italicized Baskerville typeface.

Software used:

ehm Centennial Book

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