Ginger Jarvis

Art Director // Artist // Designer // Animator

Los Angeles  -  Toronto

Hello and welcome.

Art Director, Educator, and Multidisciplinary Artist with experience leading creative teams within agencies and fashion brands. My focus is to develop powerful brand aesthetic + identities, captivating artwork, and teach designers. During my 14 years in the field, I have lead brand creative across a wide range of industries: from fashion, sports, and healthcare, to travel, banking, and children's content.

Specialties in graphic design, art direction, brand + identity design, motion design, fashion & creative photography, advanced image retouching, compositing + vfx, print and interactive design + UX, conceptualization and creative strategies.

My work brings together technology, fine arts, and research to communicate messages and tell stories. I love colour, design and all things aesthetic. I believe in the power of art to express anything, and the prowess of women to make extraordinary creative.

Owner & Creative Director at Creative direction + design + branding services for female-focused brands.

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Master of Arts in Media Production
Ryerson University, Toronto


Recipient of Ryerson Graduate Award, nominated for Ryerson’s Governor General Award.

Wrote and designed a 100-page research magazine looking at Technicolor technology during the 1940s and it’s influence on colour trends and their use in consumer product design during the 1950s.

Bachelor of Arts in Radio & Television
Ryerson University, Toronto


Recipient of TARA (Television & Radio Award) for Best Art Direction for “Across The Line”, member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Major in Digital Media Production, minor in English and Philosophy with honours.


(2019 - PRESENT)

In the Graphic Design and Social Media departments at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), I have developed and teach a course called “International Strategies for New Media”. I teach students how to successfully design and navigate global campaigns for brands, using a variety of media platforms and across international markets.

(2018 - PRESENT)

I work within the TRI UX team and collaborate with the engineering team to create the visuals for an autonomous vehicle demonstration at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  I conceptualize and animate beautiful, immersive and interactive experiences through screens within the vehicle, which play in sync with other sensory components of the experience.

Art Director
Shoes of Prey 
(2015 - 2018)

In this role I was responsible for establishing visual brand strategy, the development and overall look and feel of the brand, managing the design team, and communicating ongoing visual strategy to all other departments in the business. I oversaw and guided the design and production of all communications, conducted photoshoots, performed image retouching, email and editorial layout, the design of advertising for online and print, and webpage design.

During my time here, I evolved the brand visuals to reach a more modern, sophisticated fashion customer, established brand guidelines, and delivered an elevated aesthetic across all platforms and channels.

Freelance Digital Artist & Art Director
(2005 - ongoing)

I maintain freelance contracts and ongoing agreements with a number of networks, studios, agencies, and independent parties. I offer creative services specializing in graphic design, art direction, brand & identity design, motion design, fashion & creative photography, advanced image retouching, compositing + vfx, print and interactive design + UX, conceptualization and creative strategies.

Digital Media Instructor
Ryerson University (2009 – 2015)

Taught design principles, and the technical production of print, web, animation, compositing and special effects in the Media Production undergraduate program, as well as advanced workshops for masters students in the Masters in Media Production program. Responsible for developing lessons, assignments, and grading structure for courses taught.

Courses include: Digital Media Production (1st year), Video Compositing & Special Effects (2nd-4th year), and Digital Graphics & Web Design (2nd-4th year), Advanced After Effects (MA).

Professor of Graphic Design
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology (2013 - 2015)

Developed and taught several courses within the Graphic Design program at Seneca@York. Responsible for generating lessons, assignments, and grading structure for courses taught.

Courses include: Interactive Design I & II, Motion Design and Animation, Photography & Video Effects, Web Software II, Typography.

Art Director
Haft2 Inc. (2012 – 2014)

As Art Director at Haft2 Inc., a branding agency that focuses on the strategic use of colour, I lead the design team, developed logos, brand materials and identities for new and existing accounts, performed brand audits, deep dives, competitor analysis, and gave presentations. I drew on colour research to make design recommendations and guide the creative team to create a multitude of graphics for client’s brands. Responsible for the company’s digital offering: I designed media and strategies for online and mobile applications.

Graphic Artist
The Score Network (2010 - 2012)

As a Graphic Artist, I worked individually as well as in teams to create animated promos, show packages, logos, and advertisements for web, print and mobile devices. New shows, projects, campaigns and other creative would begin with an ideation, then move through production. Many projects included sponsorships that would influence design, while others offered a great amount of creative freedom. This position required the proficient use of a range of software, including Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Cinema 4D.

Selected Production ExperiencE

Digital Artist (2009)
“Hubble”  Documentary converted to 3D
IMAX Space Productions

When IMAX converts 2-dimensional footage to a 3-dimensional experience at the IMAX scale, the footage must be carefully cut apart, layer by layer, objects must be 3D modelled, applied to layers identified in footage (segmentation), and then cleaned of all marks or scratches (eclusion). On “Hubble”, I worked in the Segmentation Dept, rotoscoping people and objects, and compositing layers within shots using Adobe After Effects and Shake. If the roto animations are not exact, the 3D simulation will not be successful. This position required an enormous amount of patience, careful analysis of movement within a shot, and precise shape animation.

“Big & Small” (2008 - 2009)
Children’s television series for BBC and Treehouse TV
Lenz Entertainment & 3J’s Productions

As a Set Builder and Compositor on this show, I was involved both on set during filming of the show, as well during post-production. It was a unique opportunity to contribute to many aspects of the aesthetic outcome of the show. On set, my key responsibility was scenic painting. I would paint textures and other detailing on set walls, foam floor and ceiling panels, and accurately colour match when needed.  As a Compositor, I performed post-production animation and complicated green screen compositing using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Episodes were up to 70% green-screen shots. Advanced skill was necessary to handle the compositing of puppet rods, puppeteers in green-screen suits, furry characters, dark shadows, and yellow and blue lighting against the green backgrounds.

"OOH, AAH & YOU" (2006 - 2007)
Children's television series for Disney
Produced by Lenz Entertainment & 3J’s Productions

“Ooh, Aah & You” is a children’s puppet show hosted by two adorable monkeys, Ooh and Aah.

I began working on this show as a Prop Builder, creating on-set episodic materials. These props ranged from foam bananas to coo-coo clocks. I would design, carve and paint these items from scratch. As Graphic Designer, I designed and illustrated digital and print graphics for use on air and promotional materials.

“Mr. Meaty” (2006 - 2007)

During my time on this show, I worked in pre-production as a Prop Builder, on set as Set Dresser and Graphic Designer.  As a Graphic Designer, I worked in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to produce large posters for set walls, episode specific logos, labels (for bottles and other items), banners, signage, and stickers. As a Prop Builder and Set Dresser I was responsible for carving and building original puppet-size objects to fulfill scripts, and to construct and strategically paint set items and walls for upcoming scenes. These positions required creativity, originality, craftiness, and technical skill; it often required long days and extremely fast turn around times.

Prop Builder & Set Dresser (2005)
“Monster Warriors” Television series for YTV
Coneybeare Stories Inc.

Beginning in the Props department and moving to the Sets department, I created a variety of props and set pieces for episodic use. This included scouting for objects (and sometimes even junk) to be reconfigured into futuristic prop weapons and gadgets. As a Prop Builder and Set Dresser, I would create original props and set pieces using fabric, wood, vacuform, foam, and electricity. This position required resourcefulness, imagination, and quick thinking.